Top grade Sun Moon Lake Black Tea
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Top grade Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

-       Original:  Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

-       Property:  Medium roasted tea

-       Bright reddish ochre color.  Rich malty and fruity flavor.  

-       Best brewing: 

  • Water:  212˚F
  • Time:  2 minutes, re-steep for 2 minutes each
  • Quantity:  3 oz. for (1-3rd pots approx.) 300-400 ml. of water

Hand-picked black tea. 
Curled in shape better than rolled. 
The brewed tea is clear when hot but becomes cloudier when cooled.   This is indicative of quality, robust-flavored black tea.  The aroma is refreshing and reminiscent of cinnamon and cloves with a bold mildly astringent flavor and a subtle minty

Madame Fung choose all teas are hand-picked and natural direct from tea plantation!

- $8.12 per 2 oz.



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Top grade Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

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