Limited Oolong - ‘Tie Kuan Yin’
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Limited Oolong - ‘Tie Kuan Yin’

-  Origin:  Nantou, Taiwan

-  Property:  Semi-fermented Tea with light to medium roasted

-  Attributes:  Medium-oxidized tea.  Dried leaves are bright reddish brown tightly curled strips.  The brewed tea is bright,
clear amber to reddish in color.  The aroma is rich and lingering, roasted and fruity with a pungent, tangy flavor.

-  Best brewing:

  • Water:  212°F
  • Time:  For the 1st-3rd pots for 50 seconds approx.  For the 4th - 6th pots for 55-80 seconds approx.
  • Quantity:   4 oz. approx. for 300-400 ml of water

 The tea absolutely ALL natural! 

- $13.83 per 2 oz.



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Limited Oolong - ‘Tie Kuan Yin’

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