Osmanthus Oolong
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Osmanthus Oolong

-  Origin:  Nantou, Taiwan

-  Property:  Semi-fermented Tea with light to medium roasted

-  Attributes:  Medium-oxidized tea.  A deliciously aromatic Oolong infused with finest Osmanthus flowers.  The scent of natural sweet flowers gives way to a soft, grassy taste and a smooth finish.

-  Best brewing:

  • Water:  212°F
  • Time:  For the 1st-3rd pots for 50 seconds approx.  For the 4th -6th pots for 55-80 seconds approx.
  • Quantity:  4 oz. approx. for 300-400 ml of water


A perfect alternative to jasmine tea using fresh and slightly creamy green oolong as a base and then scenting with freshly picked
Osmanthus flowers. The aroma is bright, flowery and fruity.

- $11.09 per 2 oz.



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Osmanthus Oolong

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