Premium Honey Black Tea-Taiwan
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Premium Honey Black Tea - Taiwan

-   Original:  Ruisui, Hualien County, Taiwan

-   Property:  Completely fermented tea

-   Shiny reddish brownish leaves in a string shape.  Brisk and full bodied taste, mellow, delicate and elegant sweet with very gentle honey aroma.

-   Best brewing: 

  • Water: 212˚F
  • Time:  2 minutes
  • Quantity:  3 oz. for (1-3rd pots approx.) 300-400 ml. of water

Premium Honey Black Tea natural, handpicked, handcrafted and produced in Ruisui, Hualien in the eastern part of Taiwan.  This tea leaf was originally produced for ‘Oriental Beauty’ tea.   This tea has intense natural honey aroma and very mellow taste, very pleasant and enjoyable. 
Premium Honey Black Tea is a very rich, complex, smooth and delectable with almost no bitterness and astringency. 

The aftertaste is sweet and long lasting and makes you want another sip.

Premium Honey Black Tea is produced from tea leaves bitten by leafhoppers.  The biting process is known as salivating when the insects insert a
small amount of saliva into the leaves.  Although the affected leaves curl downwards, the saliva is transformed into pleasant honey flavor when roasting.  In order to attract leafhoppers, the tea plantations require to be pesticide free. 

The tea absolutely ALL natural!

-  $22.46 per 2 oz.



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Premium Honey Black Tea-Taiwan

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