Special Selected Black Tea-‘Old Fir Narcissus’ (Rare production)
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Selected Black Tea - ‘Old Fir Narcissus’ (Rare production: First-come-first sell)

-       Original:  Yuchi-Nantou, Taiwan

-       Property:  Completely fermented tea

-       Dark red-brownish leaves in a string shape.  Narcissus tea is fat and strong
leaves carry with black green and a little gemstone color, rich smooth and
lasting orchid-like fragrance, pure, mellow, sweet and brisk taste.

-       Best brewing: 

  • Water:  212˚F
  • Time:  2 minutes
  • Quantity:  3 oz. for (1-3rd pots approx.) 300-400 ml. of water

One of the main varieties of Wuyi Mountain rock teas, Narcissus tea (Old Fir Narcissus) belongs to asexual propagation, large-leaved, and late-matured tea series.  Its leaf is fat and thick.

Old Fir Narcissus tea is well-known for its produces of over 100 years with excellent quality.  Most of the old fir narcissus trees are covered with green moss from trunk to branches and experienced a long history, and they are full of rock-essence and old fir flavor.  Being so scarce and low production, for those fir narcissus over 100 years old is extremely valuable. The leaves of old fir narcissus are large, thick, and fat, and is one time larger than that of others with brilliant green color.

The tea absolutely ALL natural!

 - $14.49 per 2 oz.



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Special Selected Black Tea-‘Old Fir Narcissus’ (Rare production)

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