Top grade Black Tea - WuYi Da Hong Pao
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Top grade Black Tea - WuYi Da Hong Pao

-       Original:  WuYi Mountain, China

-       Property:  Fully roasted tea

-       Dark red-brownish, a little gemstone
color.  Full, rich, no astringency with
woody, light fruity taste.  

-       Best brewing: 

  • Water:  205˚F
  • Time:  2 minutes, re-steep for 2 minutes each
  • Quantity:  3 oz. for (1-3rd pots approx.) 300-400 ml. of water

DaHongPao is a prestigious Wuyi Oolong tea.

DaHongPao Oolong was an imperial favorite during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and today
it is still renowned throughout China for its deep, rich flavor.  Ancient DaHongPao tea bushes still grow in an
outcropping that is located alongside a steep cliff wall in the Wu Yi Mountain,
Fujian Province.  Leaf from these bushes is restricted to pluck for commercial sale.  Today, DaHongPao is plucked from tea bushes that are the cultivated offspring of reputable old tea bushes. 

DaHongPao is a unique tea because of the time it has spent maturing under perfect storage conditions.  For certain Oolongs benefit from “resting” or “maturing” (provided the conditions are conducive to improving the taste of the tea).  To keep
certain teas to “rest” and age is not a concept in the Western, but, for Asian tea enthusiasts will often select an aged tea for the complex and rewarding taste that it will offer.

DaHongPao is extremely complex and each infusion brings a new dimension of flavor to the fore. The floral nature of this tea is not cloying; the stony backbone of this tea tempers its sweetness perfectly.  

The tea absolutely ALL natural!

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Top grade Black Tea - WuYi Da Hong Pao

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